Inexpensive Style

Hey Guys,

               If you are anything like me then the way you dress really reflects who you are, and what mood you are in. In recent months I've been dressing more outlandishly than normal, and I'm enjoying it. In the past I treated fashion in a serious sense, and really didn't put fun into my dress until I was past 25. Now at 29, I treat fashion as something to enjoy, experiment and have fun with. Sometimes I got too far, and people think I'm slightly crazy, especially with my sunglasses. At current count I'm at 35 pairs, but I just added two more to be delivered on Monday!

I've always enjoyed fashion more than your average Joe, and more than your average girl. I find that a lot of people that think they have "Style" are actually just wearing what is on the Topshop/Topman dummy that week. That is not style, that is following the crowd.

Don't get me wrong, I shop at Topman myself for accessories or the odd pair of jeans, but the difference is I have a vision in mind before I leave the house, and sometimes these stores stock great things for the exposition of my style.

Most of the time though, I head to vintage stores, vintage fairs, and one off internet shops. They sell some great things at a fair price. You really can find little gems! I've never paid over £8 for a pair of sunnies, and mostly I pay around £2.50 for them. I always get stopped in the street with people asking me where I got them from. Last week I got asked by the cashier in Tesco's, and when I was wearing another pair, a friendly Jamaican man asked me the same in a coffee shop. Then we spoke for 30 minutes about good style and cool shops.

So, my point is that dressing with style really can cost next to nothing! People think that dressing amazing costs money, but it really doesn't. It all depends on how you wear it, and most importantly of all, what you wear it with.

Everyone has Netflix these days right? Well, there are a few amazing documentaries on there at the moment that include older ladies that are still holding the torch high for style. They shop at vintage and thrift stores! You can really learn something from them and their experience. So take a look!

Netflix Documentary: Iris

Netflix Documentary: Advanced Style

Enjoy Guys,

James xxx