Oros Phoenix Clothing and Equal Rights

Hi Everyone,

                 For all of you that have been following Oros Phoenix Clothing, I thought it was about time to let you all into a few personal secrets, and what inspired me to create the brand and how the ideas developed.



A little over a year ago I started to feel like the world was starting to spin out of control. Social Media, although a good platform to voice your opinions and ideas had seemed soar in the wake of the attacks in Paris, the problems in Syria and the devastating shootings in Orlando. Everyone appeared to be on high alert and seemed to think it was acceptable to use these crimes as a platform to spout hate at innocent people because of certain association with the same skin colour. In all honesty, I found it frustrating. 

I felt I wanted to do something positive, something different, and something educational. I read articles, listened to political music, research meditation, and started studying history. It's no great discovery that war, hate, and competition with one another have been ingrained into a huge part of our society from a young age. The media doesn't help with constant negativity and huge fear factor. Staying on high alert is a good thing, but we all need to get on with our lives and treat each other with kindness. At the moment it seems that people jump on the bandwagon and don't reasearch the facts first. 

So what I decided to do was create a brand the promotes positivity, acceptance, and diversity. A fresh brand promoting Equalism regardless of gender, race, age, origin or sexuality and gender identity. I want people to celebrate our individuality, because that what makes our world that little bit more interesting.

It all started with a few ideas about a story. The Legend of Oros Phoenix is based on a character that is born into the world without a sexual identity. The character is referred to as 'him' or 'he' but is an androgynous character and more of an entity than a human, although he possesses the kinder side of the human nature. When he arrives, a Black Phoenix also resurrects after thousands of years and is included in Oros' story. Oros has no idea who he is or what he is supposed to do. Legend has it he was sent by the will of the Gods and The Universe to free slaves, promote kindness, teach, and connect people with nature. 

He finds himself in desperate situations and struggles with voices in his head. Feeling like he is mad, he soon comes to realise that they are the echoes of the world. He carries every persons' thoughts. On controlling this unusual gift, he soon comes to know that he has many more powers that ultimately help him with his mission.

That's all I'm going to tell you about the story, because when you buy one of the clothing items over on the page, you automatically get a pass code to enter the story mode over at The Legend of Oros Phoenix, and I don't want to ruin it for you!

Creating the logo and clothing itself was a fun process that I enjoyed. The logo and the t-shirts connect with the story. I always find that when I buy a random design on a t-shirt, I have no idea what I'm wearing. Sometimes that can be a little scary because that artwork could represent me as something I am not. I wanted the logo to incorporate everything I believed in, so I took references from Rome, Egypt, Greece, and Britain to build up the design to promote diversity. 

When I started the brand I decided the most important thing was quality. I've been to a lot of highstreet stores that will sell a tee for £45 and the material is shocking! My Tees are nice, thick and supersoft even after the wash!  The prints are durable and mine have not faded in the slightest! It's great to have a range that I'm proud of.

I hope that you all enjoyed getting to know a little more about the brand. Any questions you can email me at jamesphoenixhill@gmail.com