Back to the Future

Hi Guys!

             I don't know about you? But I am ridiculously excited about today! That's right, it's Wednesday 21st October 2015! You know what that means right? Yes, it's the day that Marty Mcfly  and Doc travelled into the future in their time travelling Delorean, to save Marty's troubled kids, and his erasion from time all together! What a story, huh?!

So, when they arrive in the future a few things have advanced for them such as, self tying sneakers, hover boards, flying cars, 3D sharks and rehydration microwaves. A world that they have no idea about, and ironically neither do we....Well maybe to a small extent. I have to say though, to this day (as I'm sure many people that are in their late 20's early 30's feel) I am still outraged, devastated, depressed and ultimately broken hearted about the fact that the Hover Board has still not been released  on the high-street! I've been waiting for this thing since I was 5 years old damn it! When is it going to be made, why hasn't it been made? Why aren't Apple or another huge corporation on this already?! I want to get on one before I have my first hip replacement, COME ON!

When I was a kid I remember seeing the date, 21st October 2015 in the Delorean, and my mind couldn't help but wonder, "What will I be doing then?!" and obviously as a young child you believe what you're shown on the television. I had dreams of being a champion in some kind of sport on that hover board, and hanging out with T.V Michael Jackson. Where did it all go wrong?

In all honesty Back to the Future is probably my favourite trilogy of all time! And before anyone asks, I love the third one too because I love a good 'ol country and western! Plus it gives the trilogy another dimension! I think if they'd have gone forward into the future again it wouldn't have worked at all. For me the trilogy brings a lot of nostalgia, and they're my go to films for, "I'm ill/hungover I need to watch something from my childhood!"

So, a little information for all of the UK residents! Whoop whoop! Back to the future Part I, Part II and Part III are playing on ITV2  starting from 4.30! Also between Part II and Part III Keith Lemon's Back T'Future Tribute will be airing! Don't miss out on the fun folks! Relive those memories, I know I will!

See you in the future! (pure cheese I know)

James :D