Oros Phoenix Clothing

Hi Everyone,

                    As some of you may already know I've released the name and logo of my new clothing range! It's been a long road choosing designs and making everything perfect for the release.

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing teasers for Oros Phoenix Clothing, so you can get to know the mythology behind the brand.  This week I am proud to present the first promo posters that star our very own models Iris and Adrian! Take a look below!

                                  Iris                                                                             Adrian

Peach App 'Sweeten your life in 9 minutes'

Hello Everyone,

                         Recently James Phoenix Hill Photography was asked to review a brand new app! Peach is a brand new auctioning app for all you fashion guru's out there! They have everything from accessories to designer shoes and handbags. The difference? You only have 9 minutes to bid for your new must have piece!

It's a brilliant concept, and one I think all the fashion conscious ladies out there will love. If you like fast paced, on the edge of your seat shopping, then this is one fashion app you will surely love. Just make sure if you see something you like, bid on it with urgency, you wouldn't want to miss out only to find your best friend got there first!

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