Looking for Male Models in and around Manchester!


         Here at James Phoenix Hill Photography we are currently scouting for Male Models to be a part of a new project. We are in the pre production stages of creating a new book full of beautiful images of men. We really want to show the different styles, and looks of guys in and around Manchester to show the rest of the country what this city is all about.

The types of guys we are looking for have to be confident enough to pose in front of a camera, and to be able to show their personality through a series of shots. Experience isn't a necessity, but it does help. 

We are generally looking for men with sculpted bodies, tattoos, piercings, beards or just a different sense of style that stands out from the crowd.

Payment isn't available with this project, but you will receive professional prints of your best shots, and a credit for when the book is published. It's a great chance for you to be seen, and a great credit to have on your C.V.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of this wonderful new project then please e-mail: jmh1986@hotmail.co.uk with a brief description about yourself and three recent photos.

Good Luck!

James Phoenix Hill