Black Phoenix Designs

Hi Everyone!

                    So today I'm here to talk about my journey into designing. Recently I have been drawing and using photoshop to aid me in my venture to produce a range of casual t-shirts! As always they feature nature! In fact the range I have are all polygon designs of animals! It took me a while to really decide what I wanted to do! At first they where Egyptian Symbols, but after much deliberation at the designing table I started to draw out the faces of animals with the tedious job of hand drawing hundreds of triangles to complete the final shape.

The Egyptian T-shirts are still in working progress, but I wanted to use something that everyone can enjoy, who doesn't love a well designed animal T-shirt? They will be available to purchase on my website when everything is perfected and complete, but for now here is a mock up of one of the final pieces!  I hope you like it, and please don't be afraid to comment below!