Images for Actors, Dancers, Models, Bands and Musicians.

Here at James Phoenix Hill Photography, I offer a fresh contemporary headshot service to enhance your existing portfolio.

I believe that the images that you give to your future employer should be up to date, fresh, and that they reflect the character, mood, or image you are trying to portray.

Natural Lighting Headshot  =  £70.00 1 hour location shoot

These headshots are usually best when trying to emulate a certain type of character you want to play. The surroundings and lighting are used to create that mood, so outside locations are usually best for this type of photograph.

Also remember to dress accordingly to provide an illusion of who you're trying to emulate.

Headshot (using a flash) = £60.00 1 studio shoot

These headshots are best for a broader scope when you're not too sure of your role. They are also good for models, dancers and musicians as they give a slightly high fashion, gritty feel, which also means they can double up as promotional posters.