The Legend of oros phoenix

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A Saviour Is Born

In the vast plains of The Ancient World thousands of years before anything we know, a once dry and barren land had flooded with months of devastating downpours. The rain had ruined everything in its wake. The Great Pyramids were severely damaged, the animals drowned, and there was a mass exodus of civilians from The Kingdom of Innata into the nearby mountains.

It was only the lucky or the wealthy that had escaped unscathed. The rest of the settlers had faced a horrific end. Innatais were hardy people, but in the passing months, their will had withered along with their bodies. The old, the young and the weak could not survive. 

As the corpses of the deceased rotted, the rest of the Innatais tried in desperation to live, but the conditions were harsh. The stench of the dead had made them sickly. Mothers had clung to their deceased children; they couldn't bare to let them go. Children stayed by their dead parents' feet, confused as to why they wouldn't respond to their cries of hunger.

As the Emperor's fleet of ships sailed by, the Innatais cried out for them to help, but the ships kept passing through. It was a cruel reminder of their desperate situation.

While most of the Innatais perished, there was one couple who had managed to grip onto life, Iva and Padva. They made a small home out of wet mud and branches, and they resided on an outer ledge of a mountain. They were young enough to survive, but they were thin, and the young Iva was with child. In her later stages of pregnancy, she had become gaunt and lethargic. The only way Iva could move now was to be assisted by her husband. She'd convinced herself that bearing the child would end her life.

Inside their small hut, they didn't possess a lot of belongings. In fact, the only thing they owned was a small pile of dried palm leaves which they used as an uncomfortable, prickly bed. The walls were dripping wet, and every night they feared a collapse. One night Iva's husband lay her down on those leaves. He hated to leave her alone, but that evening he went to scavenge for food. He figured in the darkness he wouldn't be spotted and killed by the other civilians. As he left, he kissed his wife on the forehead and disappeared into the night.

Iva sometimes enjoyed the time alone. She could be calm and meditate the feeling of hunger away. On her side of the mountain, she rarely heard the screams of the other Innatais, and that kept a disillusioned sense of peace in her mind. She couldn't cope with all the devastation, and her priority was to bare her only child without the surrounding chaos.

She listened to the rain patter against what she hoped would be her temporary home. She thought about her old life, her estranged family, and imagined a future surrounded by her husband and small child. Of course she knew that this was just a fantasy, but nevertheless, she allowed herself to visit that place. Without realising it, she slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

The Emperor was tired of the weather. They only thing that plagued his mind was the loss of all his worldly possessions. Every now and again he would remember another treasure from The Kingdom that the slaves had not managed to rescue, and screamed at them for being incompetent,  sometimes he threw them overboard in one of his fits of anger. Most evenings he would head out onto the deck of his boat, and as the vessel passed the mountain side, he would count how many of his people were still alive. He didn't care much for them, but it was something to keep him entertained and sane. He would drink wine and gorge himself on raw meat. It was almost like he wanted to show the last remaining power he had over them. It was his choice if they lived or died.

A sudden crash of thunder and the noise startled Iva from her sleep. The walls of her mud hut were now sopping wet, and she noticed her husband Padva was still nowhere to be seen. She rubbed the sleep from her dull eyes and felt a pain in her womb. There was no doubt in her mind that she was about to go into labour.

An hour passed and the pain was becoming unbearable, with each contraction another clap of thunder bellowed from the sky, it was almost in sync. She was sweating, and now at the point where she needed to start pushing. The exhaustion and got to her already. Without a good meal in her belly for weeks, she didn't have much strength to perform the task that lay ahead, and she knew the baby was coming fast. Her tiny hands clenched onto her bed of palm leaves as she tried to deal with the pain. She lay there panting and sweating, wondering when Padva would return. If he wasn't with her, she feared that the baby would die.

The Emporer was sitting in the pouring rain gazing up at the sky. He looked so upset that it was imposing on his life. Not just because of what it had done to his Kingdom, but what it was now going to do. He was so wet that his beautiful robes had been drenched through, and his golden make-up had run from his face to reveal a dark complexion. The Empress approached the doorway to the deck. She was staying inside to avoid getting wet. Concerned, she raised her voice a little to cut through the sound of the rain, "My love? Are you feeling well?"
He didn't seem to register her voice, and as the thunder and lightning got progressively worse, his face had twisted from anger to a face full of fear. The water rushed from his hair over his face, over his eyes and down his chin, but he still carried on staring at the black sky and thunderous clouds above.

Iva was feeling exhausted. She could hear her uncontrollable whimpering as the contractions were getting closer together. Each contraction, another crash of thunder. The noise was getting louder each time, and each time the hut shook. To her, it felt like it was directly above her temporary home. She couldn't hold on for Padva anymore, the uncontrollable urge to push was overwhelming her.

Just as she started to push Padva appeared in the small entrance of the hut. He was soaking wet, and clambering inside. At this point the hut wasn't much drier than the outside, water was running in everywhere.
"Where have you been?" Iva gripped at his clothes and pulled him towards her. His face was in shock, and he had difficulty gathering himself together. He wasn't sure what was happening in all the chaos.
"Our child is coming?"
"Yes, yes the baby is coming. It's coming now! I don't feel well. I don't think I can do it" She tried to move into a more comfortable position, but it was useless, nothing worked, the pain was too much for her to handle. The floor was so wet inside the hut that her clothes became soaked in mud, and her hands were sinking into the floor.

Over three hundred miles south of Innata in a valley of lush green grass, palm trees and tropical plants, a small city resided peacefully. The streets were busy with market traders and stalls of every description. The people of this place could buy anything their hearts desired. It was such a well-populated city that even in the depths of the night the streets were alive with people having fun and enjoying everything it had to offer. 

On the outskirts of the city, a priest sat in his home studying scripture. He lifted his head every now and again to gaze upon an urn that sat on a shelf directly opposite his desk. The Priest repeatedly scribbled with coal upon some parchment. Going back and forth from the scripture to the urn, and back to the parchment, it seemed as if he was trying to piece something together. A great puzzle the lonely gentlemen had been working on for a long time. Throughout the evening The Priest had bouts of excitement as he thought he had seen the urn move in the corner of his eye. Suddenly he stopped writing and looked around, The Priest slumped back in his chair and raised the parchment to eye level. He couldn't believe his eyes. Finally, after the long years of studying, he had figured out the secret language of the scripture. He couldn't believe it or the words that were appearing before him. The parchment read:
A Saviour is Born; A Prophet is born on this day. Oros Phoenix, Child of the Gods, The Spirit of Nature and All Souls, King of the Innatais, Promoter of the Peace.

Iva was growing weaker with each contraction; her mind had become addled with the pain. She was not making sense with her words, and Padva had become increasingly anxious. He wiped the sweat from her forehead and tried to keep her calm with comforting words. It had become apparent to Padva that his beautiful wife might not survive the hopeless situation.
"I can't do it" Iva cried
"Yes you can, you must! Everything is going to be okay." He lied. There was nothing else he could do. He had to make sure the baby could be born safely. 

The weather was atrocious. The thunder and lightning were becoming more and more frequent with every moment that passed. The couple had never seen anything like it. The roof of the hut was slowly collapsing, and Iva could see the ferocious dark sky above. Every contraction she had seemed to illuminate their faces with a flash of lightning. Padva tried to remove the twigs and dirt from around Iva, but it was hopeless. She was practically giving birth outside, and they didn't have any choice but to carry on, even if exposed to the elements.
Iva was screaming in an animalistic tone. She grabbed onto Padva's hand with all her strength. The child was close; she could feel the baby pushing through. 
"Come on, push!" Padva encouraged.
"I can't, I can't do it!"
"You can! One more!"
With a loud clap of thunder, she pushed. The lightning lit up their faces, and they could see a mixture of love and fear in each other's eyes. They both knew that this would be the last time they saw each other in this world. She pushed once more, and her screams echoed around the mountain. 

After the echo had faded the thunder and lightning suddenly subsided. Silence filled the air. Not one sound, not even the wings of an insect broke through. The silence was deafening, it was almost like the world had suddenly stopped in time. After a few moments, a tiny baby let out a distinctive cry. Iva had done it; she managed to fulfil her wish. The child was beautiful, dark skin, chubby and huge bright green eyes. Padva brought the child to Iva's bosom, and the baby and mother gazed at each other for a moment. Iva was weak and fading quickly.
"You did it, my love." 
"Look after him. Keep him away from danger. Get him out of this wretched place" Iva whispered. Her voice was so quiet that Padva had to creep in closer. He knew she was about to pass over to the other side. His tears were flowing, but he had to let his wife do one last honour. His voice cracked as he said, "Name the child."
Iva's mind was fading, but with her last breath she managed to mutter the words, "Oros." 

Iva passed away that night, and although her dreams of living a happy life with her family were cut short, the last image that flashed through her mind was that her child was alive and well.


To be continued.......